Current Activities

Rana is currently working on the next edition of Crimson's annual pregnancy book 'My Pregnancy 2015'.

She's also busy developing recipes for pregnant women, to make sure they get all the nutrients they and their baby need from tasty simple meals.

For the early stages of pregnancy she's creating dishes to tempt women who are feeling less than glowing such as 'Pear and ginger breakfast crumble' and 'Triple ginger biscuits' as well as light dishes including 'Baked fish with lemon and couscous' and comforting 'Chicken noodle soup'.

Recipes for the second trimester include nutrient-packed dishes such as 'Honey nut granola', 'Greek salad wraps' and 'Mackerel fishcakes'. And for the third trimester there's 'Breakfast bruschetta', 'Spinach and pumpkin seed salad' and healthy versions of popular dishes such as 'Chicken jalfrezi'.

She is also developing recipes that provide the nutrients needed for breastfeeding but take into account the sleep-deprivation and time constraints of caring for a new baby. These include 'Sweet potato and butter bean soup', 'Speedy prawn noodles' and 'Apricot and almond polenta cake'.

If you're pregnant and would like to try out any of the recipes Rana would love you to get in touch. She'd also like to hear about what you're eating and what your favourite recipes are at the moment.